Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Old letters

mine are not this organized...

So, I found some old letters recently.  I used to write letters ALL THE TIME.  Then the internet came and I found chat rooms.  That was fun but, I still wrote letters to people because the people I talked to in chat rooms weren't the same kind of friends. (...right now, get your mind out of the gutter.  I never had "friends" like that on-line.)  I honestly connected with people just to talk with them and share our lives with each other...and if someone came looking for "that" type of friend I sent them packing.  Most of them stuck around though because it's nice to actually talk to people.  Then I was introduced to email.  So, I'd write people email letters ALL THE TIME.  It was great but, not the same.  Then, 8 years ago I found face book and I don't think I've written more than ten letters since...and certainly don't send greeting cards like I used to.

When I find old letters I will actually sit there and read them and I am transported back in time to when they were delivered...WOW!!  What an experience.  It's really amazing the things that we will forget, the experiences that we choose not to hold in our consciousness.  This bunch of letters is so crazy and ....from all over the place.  One I wrote but never sent explaining feelings that I don't remember having, part of one from a summer fling who dropped me as soon as he heard some less than great news and another that I never did read from an ex...that one woke up quite a few things for me.  There's no way that an email letter or a "here's your posts from this day in the past" on Facebook will do that for you.  I know I don't go crawling back through my archived emails or old fb IM's to re-read old messages....and I SURE DON'T keep old texts.  It kind of made me sad actually.  There are so many things that letters did for people.  The excitement of not-a-bill or flyer coming in the mail, reading something that was made just for them, transporting people across time and space, grammar (! -lol).  I think that writing letters helps you to think about other people more....gets you communicating more, out of your own head space.  Sure, email and Facebook and texts and such are more instantly up to date but, is it really better?

Jeez!  I wonder if the post office will sponsor this post!  lmao

Anyway, one particular letter in this bunch (and what a strange bunch it was) was from someone that I have always referred to as my soul mate.  Now you're thinking "but, she's single isn't she?"  Well, yes I am.  However, I don't believe (because of this man) for a second that just because you've found and realized that you know your soul mate that you need to be together forevermore.  A conclusion I came to with no small amount of pain and suffering.  I also don't believe that there is just one out there for everyone.  (There's more on this that I'd love to talk to anyone about, it goes into soul contracts and such, Caroline Myss goes into it, fascinating stuff)  Anyway, we always, from the very beginning (even though he doesn't remember it, we met at a bar!  lol.  there's another story....) had a very deep connection but in the end we were so toxic for each other.  Feelings were so raw and real that the slightest off comment (always unintended) would cut the other so deep that sometimes it just wouldn't heal.  I think that if we'd met when we were older and a little more weathered that things would have gone differently (duh), maybe even better but, that's not how we planned things is it?  Thinking back now to our more recent interactions....I don't know that things would have been we'll never know.  It's time to accept the lessons and move on. Funny that two decades later I'm still getting them.

I love how the Universe weaves.

have you ever read Piers Anthony's Incarnations series?

That's all for now, I just felt the need to share something tonight.  I hope you're all having a good week.  I'll see you Sunday, if not before.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunday Reading - Persistence

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and get to enjoy a new week.

I have had quite the stressful beginning of this month with company, rather than settling back into normal I still haven't finished my new bed (things just didn't go as planned) and now "we" are renovating the bathroom so MAJOR upheaval in the month of April.  It's all good though.  Change cleans out the old stagnant energy and brings in new fresh and inspiring energy ....after the dust settles of course.  I'm hoping it's soon.

I did some changes on social media too.  I've go a whole bunch of new stuff to help promote me and my blog/website/services/product.  I haven't incorporated them as links but they're out there!  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, a few others...I'm not overly-savvy.  I know stuff but....I'm new at a lot of it.  Twitter for example.  It just doesn't make any sense to me and Instagram doesn't make much more but, I figure it out!!   ....maybe it's a lack of free time.  Its amazing how busy you can get when you don't have a regular job to go to isn't it?  I have never experienced that before.  I haven't been unemployed for this long since I was in Jr. High....well, I suppose I have had a few jobs.  I worked the election booth for the Advance Polls and on Voting Day (in Canada) and then at a Mall Kiosk before Christmas.  That was enough.  Funny story....I was in a store today and was chatting with the cashier and she asked if I'd been called about a job that I recently applied for...I hadn't (I wasn't too sad about it either) and she asked if I was looking and I hesitantly said "uh....maybe" she told me that they were hiring and she knew because she was about to quit.  I said, "um, I don't know that I want to apply then, why" and she continued to tell me that I probably didn't and why and how unhappy she was.  lmao....not the way to sell an employer!!  Anyway, I'd heard about the opening before and had decided not to apply there because I'd dealt with the manager a few times and....I just don't think our personalities are compatible!  Not her fault, I just don't want to work for someone.  I'm hoping that this little corner of the internet becomes evermore popular and starts to pay off for me.  Soon!

Anyway, without further ado here is the weekly reading.



Keep going, even when you think it is time to change or move on.  If what you are chasing is your true and honest dream then it will come about.  If it is not then ask for guidance and change gears.  It doesn't matter if this a sudden change or a gradual one.  You could be going along after a goal you've had since you were a kid and something happens, it could as unpretentious as reading a flyer in a window or as monumental as a near death experience but, a change can come at any time and that original goal may not taste right anymore.  Know that you can change it no matter how different from what you'e been doing it is....just know that the faster and bigger the change the more "choppy" the waters could be and things most likely will get rough for you but, know that as long as you keep your goal on the horizon and keep moving towards it you will get there and the waters will flatten out and the Winds of Favour will fill your sails. If you are persistent you will get there.


(I promise that I don't usually plan out what I'm going to go on about in these weekly posts and I absolutely do not pre-chanel the messages...that just doesn't work but, somehow it always works out doesn't it?  That always brings me a little bit of happy satisfaction.)

So, there was quite a bit there....basically, if you keep to your goal/dreams you will continue to prosper and abundance will be with you.  It doesn't matter if you chance your mind on what you want to do from day to day or once in 100 years. As long as you keep your "eyes on the prize" you will have it and you will be happy on your path while you make your journey towards it.

I hope you have a wonderful week my friends!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New email entry request.

Hi Everyone!  Sorry to do this to you but, I've found something that will help me to manage my emails and traffic.  Unfortunately for you it will mean a pop up with a request to add your email address.  I apologize for the added work on your part but, it really will help me to serve you better.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Monday - Just a quickie!

I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
     ~~Vincent Van Gogh

Feeling like I'm up close and personal with this one these past few days!  How are things going out there for you??

What to do when "the voices" won't shut up! - Also, Sunday Message - Love

Sometimes it helps to get those things out of your head by writing them down.  Then bury or burn them. It helps me. However, sometimes its 3am and you have to be up and off to work by 6am and writing pages of notes and them heading out into the garden (assuming you have one!) to bury and burn them just isn't an option....or a practical one anyway.  What do you do then?!?  Well, I'll tell ya what I do.

You can put them in a bubble to float away and not come back until there is a solution.

That's what it is right?!?  Does it work though?!?!?

Yup. It works great!  Here's how I know:

I used to put "it" or "them" in a box, put the box on a shelf in a closet and close the door.  For as long as I can remember (from twelve-ish) if the thoughts running through my head started keeping me awake I would gather them all into a tiny bundle and put them "away".  It worked great and by the time I was finished I would be asleep.

Then, one day, not that long ago, I meditated and "looked inside" like "they" say to do and found a worn out old door that opened onto a dark room with a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling FULL of dusty decomposing boxes of different sizes and shapes and colours and every different type you can think of really.  I realized that this was my "out of sight; out of mind" closet and it was a bit overwhelming (or A LOT).  Luckily, to get to this room I had used a big torch. It was obvious to me what needed to be done.  I set it all on fire and watched all that old crap BURN!!

Oh yeah!  It was that good!!!

I felt so much lighter afterwards because even though I wasn't dwelling on all the crap anymore I WAS still carrying it around and I had no idea because I had essentially forgotten about it all having been in the "Out of Sight (thoughts); Out of Mind" Closet for so long.

I immediately changed my process to the balloon thing.  That way I wouldn't be burdened by all that weight anymore.  Then coupled with the intention of having it return with a solution was pure genius (if I do say so myself!) because it gets dealt with too.


I do this with everything now. Not just when I can't get to sleep.  Anytime I find myself dwelling on something for too long or something seems to be going around and around in my head I'll focus on it for a bit (aka mediate) to see if there is a message in it because as often as not itis something that I've sent away and has returned with a solution or it's a message from my Spirit Team.  If it turns out not to be either of those things I'll put the energy (because EVERYTHING is energy) into a bubble and send it off with the intention that it returns to my consciousness when a solution is ready to present itself.

Of course there are still things that I can't help over thinking and obsessing about but I don't do it nearly as much as I once did.  I also notice when it's happening so much more quickly.

I want to add here that if you have trouble with visualization it is something that can be learned with practice (I speak from experience here) and until it comes smoothly for PLEASE go easy on yourself.  You can still do this!!
*Say the words.
*Go through the motions.
*Feel it happening.
ANY or ALL of these WILL do the trick. Also, if this particular method doesn't work for you then you can make up something that does.  I just recommend that you do it in such a way that you won't continue carrying it around as dead weight like I did for so many 30!  I should look like the female version of The Rock!!

Just for the record, I do not look like this, never have.  These women are dedicated! Wow!!!
(I am not)

Have a wonderful week my friends.  I'll see you in a few days.

Oh, wait!  I can`t leave you on a Sunday night with no intuitive message.  Here it is:



Love unconditionally.  The practice of this will set you free.  When you find you are coming up to something with negative energy (in the form of anger, rage, judgement) brush it away (yes, it really is that easy) and replace it with love.  Unconditional Love.  Its energy is a light, soft pink.  Surround your self with it.  When you come across someone unhappy or in need of a boost imagine them surrounded with in this light.  There is no need to worry about crossing any boundaries.  Their higher selves will either accept it or not but, they will have felt the energy and hopefully be better off for it.  Nothing is touching them or invading their "space".  Think of it like saying "bless you" when someone sneezes.  The more you practice giving and dwelling in Unconditional Love the better you will get and as you may already know the energy you give is what comes back to you tenfold.  As an added bonus all of infinite number of paths that are open to you will become more visible.


That's it my dears and let me tell you there is quite a big lesson in there for me tonight!!

Have a wonderful week.  Spread Love everywhere.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday Reading (notice that I've quit counting...?) - Balance

Tonight I am going to pull a card from the Healing Cards deck  by Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso.  (Please let me know if you'd like more information on them.)

I'm just going to get on with it too because I'm past 24 hours late with my Free readings (life got really busy!!  ...birthday season and Little Dragon's Daddy is visiting)



Front Side (left) - Health promotes spirituality and spirituality promotes health.  (#21)
Back Side 
(right)- Choose one spiritual truth and live fully in harmony with it today.  Observe how challenging it is to let your physical life be in concert with your spiritual ideals.
Booklet excerpt - ....  Living in harmony with nature opens the way to environmental responsibility, and to respecting our natural human cycles, which are tied not only to our internal clock based on the diurnal rhythms of night and day.  Rising with the sun, going to sleep a few hours after sunset, and eating food that are locally grown and appropriate to the season are simple ways of attuning to the cycles of nature.  ....  ....  The more spiritually centered and balanced you are, the less chance you have to accumulate the stresses that are destructive of the body.  Negative mental states such as anger, jealousy, and dishonesty, which all spiritual traditions teach us to avoid, also cause sever stress and , ultimately, illness.  By healing the mind of its destructive thoughts and impulses, we stand a much better chance of keeping the body healthy.
Intuitive interpretation / Message - it is time to be mindful of the balance between you, the worlds around you and how everything interacts with each other thing in relation to your actions.  Strive for tranquility and peace.  This may not happen overnight but, start taking steps now and when the skills are needed they will be there for you to rely on.


This is pretty interesting for me on a personal level.  I've been asking for guidance on a few of those issues mentioned up there and I've had it!  lol
Have a wonderful week.  I'm off to sleep so that I can enjoy my birthday tomorrow!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Gilly Bean's Healing Gems....what exactly is that...are they...?!?

I've been trying to come up with an explanation for some time and this week I finally did it!   ...and it goes hand in hand with a new development that I've stumbled upon!  YAY!!!

 Remember last week when I (oh so generously, lol) offered to do four free readings for individuals that I would choose from the list of people who commented on that particular blog post?  Well, I got a WHOPPING two people who commented!  lol.  That's ok  Those two people are going to be treated to my brand new (but, what I've been doing all along) "reading".  I'm excited about this.

Up until now I've been leery about offering what I do to the world because it always felt un-authentic.  Not that I didn't give people what they paid for or what I promised.  I don't even doubt my abilities but "Reiki" or "ThetaHealing" or "Oracle Card Reading" or just about anything else including the jewelry that I make isn't JUST that one thing.  I pour all of my knowledge, experience and training into everything that I do so, to me it felt like I was misleading people about what I do and what I was offering.

Something else that happened last week; I joined a group that does readings for free (for group members only) to develop their skills (always learning and growing, always room for improvement!) and I offered to trade some Reiki for a card reading which lead to a discussion about only trading "readings" in which I explained that my Reiki almost always comes with a message and that led to further discussion and to an off hand suggestion that I give what I do a name.  I had never thought about it before and so I shrugged it off.  After a few days of stewing I decided that maybe the lady who suggested it was right.

This is what it was like!  A bunch of little ideas and then one big POW!!
I LOVE it when things come together!!

Next, I went to a private group I belong to, we bounced ideas around and came up with this:

Gilly Bean's Healing Gems - an intuitively personalized combination of healing, messages, guidance and more delivered to you in a virtual treasure chest overflowing with warm loving light, the highest possible energy and unconditional love.

You see, my knowledge, certification, training and experience encompasses so many things (Reiki, ThetaHealing, Life Coaching, Tarot and Oracle Card reading, Channeled messages, working with pendulums and crystals, making jewelry and I am always learning and adding to the list....astrology and herbalism are the next two that I'm working with) that I want all of the people who come to me for anything to get exactly what they need without having to pick one amazing modality over another.  In the next few day's I'll update my page to indicate what I will be charging and how I will be offering these new Virtual Treasure Chests brimming with my Healing Gems.  Please make sure that you keep checking back!

Scott and Pam are the lucky ones who will receive the first two shiny new (but, what I've been doing all along) "Gilly Bean's Healing Gems" and I'm so excited to go and get them ready!!  I hope you two are ready for the bounty of abundance that is coming your way!!

Friday, April 08, 2016

I have a problem....well, a couple. Maybe you can help.

I enjoy doing things for people.  Truly.  I REALLY enjoy seeing other people happy.  It is an even bigger thrill for me if people are happy because of something I made for them.

I also enjoy making things with chain maille.  Jewelry is all I've got experience in so far but, there are so many more things.  I found something that I REALLY want to make but, I can't think of anyone I know who would want it.

I like making things but, generally once its finished I'm done with it and want to pass it on.  If I were a millionaire this wouldn't be such an issue.  However, since I am unemployed and have been for nearly 4 years now this is a significant issue.  I have found a Canadian supplier of rings who has bigger variety (to be fair, bigger variety of something that I'm interested in), more included instructions for different items, a bigger base of other "Maillers" to talk with and their prices are similar to the "going out of business" prices of the supplier in the US.  I found them years ago....why didn't I start using them?  I have no idea.  Now, I can't afford it.  (oh, woe is me....sorry)

My problem is that I have a number of things on this website that I want to make.  SO MANY COOL THINGS!! I just can't justify some of it without first having a buyer out there.

I also am a strange duck because I really enjoy making jewelry, I just don't wear much of it anymore.  Only partly because I react to metal when it comes in contact with my skin for too long.  Except for gold....and while I COULD exclusively buy gold chain maille rings...well, there are a few $pecific rea$on$ I just won't be able to.

There is one project in particular that I REALLY want to try (besides a full dragonscale weave maille shirt, that would be AWESOME!!) it is a neck tie.  Now, tell me, who wouldn't want one of those?!?  I mean really.  If you know someone who is interested PLEASE let me know.  I will make it for them if they'll pay the costs.  That's a huge savings to them because it's a 30 - 60 hour project AND they can pick the colour (mostly, from what the supplier has, but it's a good variety).  I've made chain maille bracelets in this weave and is truly seems like dragon scales.  It's light and slinky.  It wouldn't be like a huge weight around your neck, I doubt that it would be much, if any heavier than a silk neck tie.

Here's a picture of it:

Isn't it fantastic?!?!  The beauty of this weave is that it's two layers of rings.  One layer of rings is INSIDE the other layer and the colour just kind of peeks out.  The best part is at a casual glance it looks just like a normal tie right?  It's similar to wearing bright and funky socks with a fancy suit...only slightly more obvious.  I think it's fantastic.  The other great part is if you spill something on this one you won't ruin it.

A couple crappy pictures of the bracelet that I made my son. The bracelet is awesome (....if I do say so myself).  The pictures don't do it justice.  The outer layer is shiny silver aluminum, the inner layer is light blue and orange....on purpose.  Those are his colours (not the silver, the old supplier didn't give me a choice there).

The rings in the bracelet are bigger than the ones on the tie would be.   My Monkey wore this for years and only stopped when the clasp got too loose to keep it on him and there was only one time that it needed any repairing because a ring went missing.  I think he caught it on something on a "night out".  He didn't tell me of course.  Until I asked to borrow it to display at a few summer markets I tried selling my stuff at last summer.

Anyhow, I just wanted to put that out there.

Have a lovely end to your week and remember to go and comment on my Free Readings blog post for you chance to get one.  There's only two comments so far so, you've got a good chance to get one!

Monday, April 04, 2016

Sunday Reading - a bit late due to internet issues.... - You Are Ready

Hi!  I'm trying something a little different.  Just because I can!!

I have this deck of cards by Louise L Hay (you may have heard of her!  lol).  They are called "Power Thought Cards".  I've pulled one from the deck, see the pictures below of front and back.  Then I'll get a message to you in relation to that card.  (I apologize for the poor quality pictures....I will have a decent camera. I have written what on the cards below each picture.)


I do not have to earn love.  I am lovable because I exist.  Others reflect the love I have for myself.


You are ready.  It is time to go out and take the world by storm.  Your place is open and waiting or you to fill it.  Go now.  You are loved.


Well! That was short and sweet wasn't it?!?

What does the card have to do with the message....well, for me it means that as soon as you start to see you the way others see you things will start moving forward and upward in as many positive directions as you can come up with and more!

So, what are you waiting for!?!  Get out there and LIVE!!

**Don't forget to go to my previous blog post and make a comment in order to get in on the giveaway!!

Have a beautiful week!

<3 p="">

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Free readings

So, I've decided to do some free readings.  I will pick four people who comment on this post in the next week and do a reading of my choice...I say my choice but really....I will be guided to give what is in your best interest.

Here's hoping that I get four responses!  lol

(ps: until I get to the new web hosting site you'll have to have a gmail account and be signed in to post/comment, sorry....GoOgle's rules)

Also, let me know if you've shared this post in your comments.

Friday, April 01, 2016

The way time flies....a bit of a ramble.

I always find myself reminiscing at this time of year.  Partly because it's Spring of course and something magical seems to happen....or is that just me?  Also, because there are lots of birthdays in my family at this time of year.  On March 31, my Gram would start us all off.  Next comes my oldest, he'll be 24 this weekend, then my brother a week later and next me a few days after that.  In a few weeks my oldest nephew and then the next day my Mom finish things off.  Also, throw in Easter and it's lots of family sized memories to go back over.  The ones I seem to be stuck on tonight are from 1/4 century ago (TWENTY FIVE YEARS, ugh, am I that old??) when I was at my boyfriend's place celebrating my 17th birthday with him and all of my friends.  I later found out that he spent quite a lot of the time in the bathroom making out with my best friend.  I also found out that he and his friends all had "bets" to sleep with as many of me and my friends as they could.  Them being "older and cooler" and us being young and naive.... (we were 16-17 they were 22+) ....well, their success rate was astonishing.  Not much loyalty in my circle of friends apparently because ALL of my closest friends slept with this guy....who would later end up as the father of my oldest.  He played me and one of my friends (the one from the bathroom) off of each other for months.  Even when I found out I was pregnant he told me that she might be too and he wasn't sure who he wanted.  It was a horrible thing to do to a 17 year old girl who before meeting him and his friends was ....there's no other word for it.... good.  Not, wings and shiny halo good but, I always did the right thing, showed up when I should, went where I was told, I was usually late getting home but, that was about the extent of my rebelliousness.  Anyhow, 25 years later and I'm still single and kind of in the exact same place in many ways.  Talk about a "reset".  WHOO!!  So, what do I do now??  Good question.  lol, I wish I had some answers. In fact that's what I've been looking for the past few years.  I'm not really in the same place.  As much as I feel like I have no control over my current living/financial situation, I am WAY more aware of the world around me.  I am conscious of the decisions I make, how I choose to raise my youngest, when and where to work, how to spend my money, what to study, who to interact with....  I make the decisions about everything rather than blindly following to the advice of others.  To me this is huge.  I look back at 17 year old me and wish I had many of things that she had, energy, that body (oh, if I'd only known back then what I had!  lol), opportunities, innocence.  However, like most people I wouldn't change anything.  This is a new thing for me because I always said, sure, there's a few things I'd go back and change but, no, I'm good....well, at least I wouldn't go THAT far back.  Maybe I'd take some lotto numbers with me....but, only a few years.  lol

Well, that was kind of all over the place wasn't it?  It's been a weird week....don't you think?

So, obviously I have some "stuff" to go and deal with.  Happy April Fool's Day everyone!  I hope all of the pranks you give and/or receive are fun and truly harmless.  Be mindful of the outcomes of all of your actions....and remember forgiveness for those situations that you didn't think of.  They're all teaching moments.

Sending much love out to all of you.