Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Timeout Tuesday - Shinrin Yoku

Forest Bathing

ok, not really but...YES PLEASE!!

Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing or Forest Medicine is an amazing thing.  Below is a video about concept that will lead you to a bigger time out (if you allow it) that you should really schedule for yourself at least once a month.  Especially if you suffer from depression, obesity and/or have high stress levels.  Some scientists in Japan at the Nippon Medical School have also found evidence that it helps to fight cancer.

The man featured in the video below, Qing Li (he mentions two books in the interview, I've only been able to find one of them them....the link is below), has been studying the effects of Forest Bathing since 1984.  You can go ahead and research it yourself, there is quite a bit of information online.  I will tell you though that I've been following Kirsten Dirksen's vLog for quite a while and everything that I've seen from her is pretty good information.  Forest Bathing is also something that I heard of some time ago have have been reading up on whenever I see anything about it pop up on my radar.

I believe that THIS is the first article I ever saw on it.

I do have some personal experience as I've been trying to get out at least once a day (the goal is twice a day) and go for a walk just because I find that the little man and I cope better with our current environment that way.  They usually only last about 1/2 an hour (might be longer but add the possibility of two old dogs and a 3 year old and....well...that's about it) but, after listening to this video I may not stress about how far and fast we go.  Apparently, it's more about the breathing and the being in the woods.  They say that it makes a difference where you walk, the forest is the best (once a month for two hours), in a park in the city is the next best thing (to achieve the same effect you need to go daily though) and just going for a walk around the city or "being a tourist in your hometown" doesn't really do anything, of course it is beneficial but, not as much as being surrounded by trees.  I am lucky enough to be close to a number of forest trails and lakes where I live so, I'm hoping that even if I can't make the 2 hour commitment once a month I can do it at least half an hour a week and usually more and maybe that will be sufficient.

off to the side of one of the trails I take regularly

This video is just under 20 minutes.  Learn the technique and go do it.  Do yourself the favour.  I know that I'm going to!!  At the end he says take a long slow 5 km walk (which is what I end up doing with a kid that likes to dig and climb and go off road) and take the whole day to do it.  He actually suggests taking a book to read while you are walking to help pass the time.  I think that I'll plan on this in the near future and let you know how it goes.  My Little Dragon loves to go on picnics!  So, we just might make it a regular thing....I probably won't do the reading and walking thing with him in tow though, that just sounds like a recipe for disaster to me!

Shinrin Yoku - a video by Kirsten Dirksen

Forest Medicine (Public Health in the 21st Century) by Qing Li (this is an affiliate link that will take you to Amazon.ca to purchase this book)

PS: if you're a fan of living in such a way that you are cooperating with nature or alternative style housing this is definitely a video log that you should look into following.  Personally, I like to watch and dream!  ...I call it gathering ideas!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday Message - Activity

Hi Everyone;

I turned on the computer with the idea that I'd do a quick message and head off to bed. Here I am 5 hours later and just starting.  I made a quick trip to the corner store and then started some tomato soup in the crock pot then did a Timeout Tuesday post.  (Look for that one!  It's pretty good if I do say so myself!).  It should show up around noon MST on the 31st.

I've had kind of an off weekend, rainy and cool weather and fixing the tile job that's just been done in the bathroom that we're renovating (apparently I should have had a mask on while working with those chemicals....oops!  I missed that bit...duh!)  Anyhow, blah!  So, feeling a little better now and here is your message.



Being active is the key to good physical health and mental health and longevity.  It doesn't matter what type of activity as long as you are engaging different parts of your mind regularly and, if you can get up and get physically active that's even better...of course outside activities are the best but, do what you can to be active and engage with others as well.


This seems to be a theme for me lately and since we are well into Spring (at least those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) it seems to me to be a great suggestion!  I don't know about you but we had a GREAT and very early Spring here...it's cooled off some and been rainy so, back to normal for this area but, I'm still looking forward to a nice warm summer.  I'm even seriously considering packing a tent and the complimentary gear and heading out with Little Dragon for a week...end.

Nice that the Universe is so concerned with our health that it recommends what we can to do make it better or keep it that way.

If you would like something more personal or in depth then please come see my Gems.  There are all kinds of options there for you and of course if there isn't anything there that suits your current needs then by all means go over to the form on the right of the page and send me a message.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3 in 1: Sunday Message (PEACE), Monday Musing (a VERY short one), Time-out Tuesday (7th Plane meditation video; it's only 4 minutes)

So, after seven days straight I went and skipped a few including Sunday....it's a long weekend here in Canada and while yes, I do stay at home and mostly one day looks like the next....I am using that as my excuse.  It certainly wasn't because I didn't feel inspired at all or the fact that I was just plain tired and went to bed instead....so, here we will have a Sunday Message and quite possibly a Monday Musing and/or maybe even a Time-out Tuesday....

Let's start with the Message....



Have Peace.  Live Peacefully.  Love.  Find your place of tranquility.  It may be a physical place or somewhere you go to in your mind.


Well, seems like that's it for now. LoL.  I've got a bored 3 year old here....I did my best to connect and I did get a few moments....this video helped...however it's hard to be still and listen and let go when there's a 40 pound monkey crawling all over you....so, we're going to the woods...hopefully it isn't raining too hard.  I'm off to find my physical Tranquility spot....the video below is where I go in my mind.  Especially right before I channel.

This is Tiffany Powers.  I have learned a great deal from her including Reiki, Channeling and ThetaHealing.

That's it for now.  I guess you got a 3 in 1 after all!  It was a small bunch of stuff but, here it is...the meditation in the video will do you wonders though.  I know it has done for me.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Fairytale - Tarry a Fairy Princess

Once upo....well, actually right around now, maybe even somewhere near where you are, there is a Beautiful Fairy Princess.

Now, there isn't much physical evidence or any other type of evidence for that matter to prove to you that she is a Fairy Princess but, Tarry Knows in her Heart of Hearts that she just didn't come from the same place as everyone else and if she can just follow the advice that comes from the voice of Love that lives somewhere deep inside of her someday the whole World would know what she'd Known for as long as she could remember; Tarry is a Fairy Princess and bound for greatness.  She's quite excited about it too, she speaks of it all the time.  Maybe you've spoken to her.  Tarry spends as much time as she can encouraging and supporting people even though they aren't always very nice to her.  It just feels like the right thing to do and that Voice of Love always guides her to the right place for her to help those in need.  She always does her best to help, all the while talking passionately about her Destiny and Dreams.

People sure do have trouble believing her though, they just don't understand.  Tarry often thinks to herself that maybe people are scared because she is telling them something new.  Everyone knows that new and different things sometimes scare people.  Hearing things they don't understand or that challenge what they believe can make them lash out.  Usually at her.  Quite often she is referred to as FrogGirl.  YES!! That's the truth, can you believe it?!?  She's not sure why but thinks that it has something to do with the combination of her too full lips, her unusually deep and raspy voice and her large and curious eyes.  The most likely reason though, is that unfortunate accident with a container of green paint back in primary school.  Tarry hadn't realized that what happned was such a troublesome thing.  No one had been hurt and she kind of thought it was funny at the time.  So, it came as a surprise when there was trouble because of it.   The little Fairy Princess grinned at the image that suddenly popped into her head and couldn't hold back a merry little chuckle.

"Oh Tarry!  We did name your well didn't we?  Come on then my girl, quit doddling, we'll be late again."  Of course, they're never late.  Her mother just worries and rushes too much.  Tarry is sure that part of the problem is her People Watching habit.  It seems to make her Mama very uncomfortable.  Our Fairy Princess just can't seem help herself though.  She is absolutely fascinated by the coming and going of people living life around her and always seems to get caught up watching.  She isn't ever late though.  She understands that she is always right on time and exactly where she needs to be.

As Tarry heads out to the car her mother is running every-which-way gathering the things she needs to feel comfortable and the thought occurs to Tarry that if only her Mama would slow down and listen to the tiny voice inside herself she wouldn't have to be so worried all the time and probably wouldn't have high blood pressure.  She would certainly enjoy life more too.

No one else ever seems to realize that the things you need will come into your notice when they are needed.  All you have to do is slow down and watch and listen.  The way Tarry does.  She knows that this way of thinking and doing things is what makes her different.  It is ultimately what lead her to the conclusion that she is in fact a Fairy Princess.  It just makes sense.  It is also what gives her the patience to wait for the world to notice and recognize it too.  Everything will work out.  Tarry just has a way of Knowing things and this is one of them.  The Divine Plan just needs to happen in Divine Time.  Her day is coming.  She can feel it!!

~~excerpt from Gilly Bean's Journey Journal.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Earth Thursday - Epic Paddler - Mike Ranta

So, I ran across an interesting business card today at the laundromat when I was doing laundry.  It's about a guy who is paddling a canoe across Canada.  YES!!  From the west coast to the east coast.  Crazy right?!?  He's doing it with his dog.

As close as I can tell he started on April Fool's Day at the Fisherman's Memorial in Stevenson, BC and is headed to Royal Canadian Legion Branch #78 in Dominion Beach, Cape Breton, NS.  He is planning to "paddle and portage faster and further than anyone in history using the spirit of Canada's veterans as fuel"  He's doing pretty darn good too!  He's a 1/4 of the way across Saskatchewan already!!

He would like as many veterans as are able to come out and meet him on his journey and of course he would love donations.  Anyone who donates gets their name put on a plaque in commemoration his journey and any veteran who makes it out to visit him have the chance to sign his canoe.

You can find the links to donate and get more information and see where he is on his journey on his website you can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and YouTube.

A few words from Mike:

Mike`s faithful and brave (not to mention adorable!) companion on his epic adventure Spitzii:

An amazing guy living his amazing idea!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Words of Wisdom - Success

Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture...Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.
~~Norman Vincent Peale

....and if you find that you have for some reason built up obstacles ask your Team for help navigating through and around them OR if you want someone specific the Ascended Master, Lord Ganesh is GREAT at breaking down/crashing through all types of obstacles.  One of my favourite things is to visualize him knocking stuff off my path.  It always makes me feel MUCH better afterwards.

Tuesday Timeout - Flippy Cat

I got stuck on a YouTube Channel Last night. I realized that I love this noise.  I thought I liked the sound of breaking glass but, this is SO MUCH BETTER!!
The time and patience and skill and imagination and....what else?!?  Just wow!!
FlippyCat has some incredible things going on!  I am suitably impressed with the videos of world record attempts and the like but, FlippyCat's are entertaining, nice and short and oh so spectacular...not to mention FULL of the sound of falling dominoes!!  Aaahhhh....
Some of my favourites:
**Spectacular Domino Rally Stunt Screen Link - this was the first one I watched (I think) and is by far my favourite (at the moment).  Today when I showed Little Dragon equally impressed!
**Amazing Domino Etch-A-Sketch - just wow!!
**Dizzy Dominoes - ooohhhh, aaahhhh
**Starry Night - Vincent van Dominogh - I can't do this with traditional art supplies....
**60,000 Amazing Dominoes - My Personal Record - BIG crashy smashy noises!!
One of his first: Domino Fall Down 1 - just over 10 years ago.
He's got a Yule Log with FlippyCat (2015) video too...I'm going to have to remember that at Christmas time!   ....hmmm, might be a she!
Oh!  The best part yet....a Canadian!!!  Domin-O Canada

Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Muse - Other People's Opinions

So, I was in the shower today and I decided it was time to shave.  That got me thinking about a lady I was sitting near (a bunch of Mom's were on the sidelines watching our kids play in a pile of dirt) and this particular lady looked down at her legs and said "oh, I didn't do a very good job of shaving did I?"  All I could think was "who cares?!?"  Not the type of 'who cares' as in 'oh quit whining!'  She had three kids running around and the fourth was due any day now and from the little bit that I picked up her husband did work where he wasn't always home.  If I was in her position I'd have quit shaving so long ago that it didn't even cross my mind anymore.  (In fact I pretty much have.  I abhor shaving.)   How many of us have uttered a similar comment in similar company?  It's always about shame/guilt isn't it?  In my head (today in the shower) the conversation went like this.

Sun Dress Lady: Oh, I didn't do a very good job of shaving my legs did I?
Me: *glances over* What are you talking about?  I don't even see any stubble!  To be honest I wouldn't have even looked if you hadn't said anything.  If I was in your position I wouldn't be shaving at all, in fact look!  I didn't.  *chuckle*  Even if there was some stubble and I DID notice it the only think I'd have to say and more honestly, to think is 'nice!  another woman who has realized that she has better things to do with her time than remove hair that our bodies feel the need to grow.'
Sun Dress Lady: Oh, well, my husband likes it.
Me: fair enough, good for you for putting in that effort to please your man (this is growth for me by the way, before it would have been a completely different response, now I think differently) but, is that true or do you want him to think that?  I ask because I saw an article recently that talked about how what we think people want from us is generally quite different from what they actually do want from us.  The example used was her shaving everything from the waist down, plus her underarms of course and it turned out that her husband didn't care one way or another.
Sun Dress Lady: Oh, interesting....well, I like the feel of smooth legs too so, I'll keep doing it.  Something to think about though.
Other Mom's: murmuring agreement.

I'm quite impressive in my imagination.  All I did in the actual situation was glance over and notice that I couldn't see anything wrong with her shaving job and think that its too bad she's got so much guilt over something so trivial.

To me this is a choice and I have no place in how you make that decision.  My only choice in this situation is whether to judge you or not.  I choose not to (at least I do my best not to, I am only human after all).  However, you need to weigh all the pros and cons about whether you do or not.  I honestly believe that since our bodies have evolved this way it should be taken into consideration that we just might have a use for that hair...and I don't think that it's just to keep our legs warm in the winter.

In the grand scheme of things it isn't a huge deal and I'm not really  trying to talk people out of shaving.  I just want everyone to be more involved in the reasons that they do things.  I mean, I love the feel of clean shaven legs as much as anyone else but, more than that I hate shaving.  Yet, out of embarrassment of what people might think I just went and did it again. ...and that's the only reason.  I have no man to please or any other good reason I can think of to shave.  Just the fact that I plan on wearing pants shorter than ankle length and Society expects me to have hairless legs.  Society accepts men that choose not to shave, why can't women be afforded the same consideration?  I think the answer here is that we ALL need to stop caring about other's judgements, it really is none of our business.  Their opinions are going to be what their opinions are.  No matter what we do or don't do someone will always be around to judge.  Let them and move on along your merry way.  You`ll be much happier that way.

That's something I think we should all start to apply to our lives in other areas that are significantly more important than hair removal (or not, maybe start small).  Take some time sometime and think about why you're doing something that you seriously do not enjoy doing and maybe you can take an unwanted chore off of your list.

That's all for today.

Sunday Message - Hard work pays off

Well, it's been quite a day again. I seem to be having lots of those lately...how about you?  The kind that are "yeah, that was a good day" at the end of it but in the midst it's more like "****!  Will this day never end?!?!?"  Surely I'm not the only one that has days like that.  Right?

Getting straight into it tonight.  I'm about ready to turn in.



Work hard every day.  This doesn't mean that you should work your fingers to the bone and your body to exhaustion.  It means that at the end of the day you should look back over the events of it and think "yeah, I had a productive day" whether it was from physical labour, office work, spiritual breakthroughs, playing with kids, doing chores, all of the above.....work hard so that at the end of your day you have that proud moment when you know you've done good things and moved yourself in a positive direction along your path.  On the other side of this please remember that everyone has different limits and different paths and different senses of what a good day, well done looks like and it is not your place to take the wind out of their sails.  Should you see someone struggling with this small task at the end of their day (and you really should encourage people to do this for themselves) it IS your place to encourage them to think about what they've done in a different way because everyone always does a little better when they've had some positive feedback and if you start giving it to them then they will learn how to approve of themselves too.


That's it.  Fairly self explanatory this time I think??  The only thing I can add is that even when you have a "downtime day" for whatever reason you should be proud of yourself for noticing that you needed that day to rejuvenate.  It is just as important to feed your soul as it is to feed your body and these "downtime days" are the perfect way to do it.

not this

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Saturday Story - The Bathroom Tiles

Can I just start by saying that if you're planning a renovation that involves putting tiles onto the floor (probably the same goes for a wall but, I can't be certain) just think really hard about doing it yourself.  I would recommend that you hire someone that you don't like to do it and pay them really well.  Why someone you don't like?  Simply because when they're done this job you offered them they won't like you very much either.  Seriously, I'm sure that there are people out there that are naturally inclined to do and genuinely enjoy tiling but, I can't for the life of me figure out who it is or what their basic skill set would be.  Tiling sucks.  Everything about it. My Dad and I have a vastly different skill set (he has always been a mechanic from lawn mower motors up to the giant trucks that you see on "mighty machines" type shows) and he tinkers with everything, basically, if it's considered a "trade" he's naturally adept at doing it...handy type of guy to have around.  I have always been in office type work, computers, crafty, creative, customer service.  Like I said between us we cover quite a few areas and neither of us are in anyway at all suited for tiling.  Tiling is stupid....and we aren't done!!   ....and it's only an 8 X 12 space!  ....minus the bathtub *sob*  Ugh.

Anyhow, this "Story" is about Little Dragon (of course! lol).  He doesn't just LIKE to help he INSISTS on it...we have a hard time keeping him busy anyway and with this tiling and all the renovation going on it's tough to keep him out of stuff that he just shouldn't be into...today my Dad told him that he was the only one small enough to be able to walk on the tiles so we'd need him to pick up all the plus signs (spacers) from between the tiles because the cement (yes, I know it's mortar but, a 3 year old doesn't need all that...even though I'm sure he'd be able to understand) wasn't quite dry so, could he please do us the biggest favour and pick them all up.  Well!  After two days of not being able to help with anything interesting and us not wanting to use his special "cement" mix for under the tiles he jumped at the job.

my amazing and brilliant little problem solving helper

I asked if he wanted to get changed before he got too far into it.  He didn't look up, sighed and said "I really wish I could, I'm just too busy.  There's so much work to do.  Lots of important stuff to do."  This was before he had the shovel.  He started out on his hands and knees putting them into the big measuring cup but "oh, jeez, this floor is hard on the knees!" so then he was walking around bent over picking them up.  He wasn't happy with that either.  Honestly, you could see his brain coming up with a better solution.  When he did he went out, got his shovel and started knocking the spacers out and scooping them up.  An idea that he came up with all on his own.  Such a problem solver!!  Too bad he was too busy to get dressed though.  lol

Cool tiles eh?  They're porcelain.  It's the only thing I can think of that we've all agreed on ever...I'm sure there have been other things but...I can't think of anything.  Someone usually has to change their mind (aka "compromise").  These worked out great too according to the size, not too many had to be cut and they are just "fitting" where they need to even the little extra pieces and cut off bits and wonky shaped holes....it was meant to be!  Thank goodness because the state of "I don't care" that has come up between my Dad and I over this job...well, it could have been so much worse.  If we ever sell the house we just won't let anyone turn on the lights in the bathroom when they look at it.  LoL.  I mean, we care just not as much as we did before we started or that we will in years to come.  I'm sure we'll get over it.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.


my new bestie!
Yeah, that's the famous HGTV Brian.  Pretty awesome eh?!?  He posted a video about how it was snowing where he was and I retweeted it telling him how nice it was here in BC.  Then he liked it.  I was so excited.  (lol)  Too bad this wasn't two weeks ago.  He could have come and done our tiling.  He's pretty good at it and I'm sure it would only have taken him the afternoon....and I doubt he would have gotten the wrong advice from the people at the store (TWICE) and had to redo half of it and then.....enough.  *ugh*  LoL.  That's my new Bestie!


Monday, May 09, 2016

Sunday Message - What a week!!

Wow, what a week it has been!!  At least in my world.

First of all I trust that everyone either had or provided a beautiful Mother's Day.  Such a hard day for some and a wonderful day for others.  I just hope that there was something to make it special for you.

Mine was spent much like most of my days....wrangling a three year old.  Tonight, before bed (like we usually do) we had a "Dragon Fight".  Some kids have stories, we have dragon fights.  This (basically) consists of me sitting on the bed and waiting for the Little Dragon to come running and jumping at me, lifting him over my head and throwing him down on the bed and tickling him.  There are various different scenarios depending on how much of that silly night time, so sleepy energy he's got going on.  The scary part is when he stands there "powering up" (aka scaring the **** out of me because this means he's coming faster...harder....stronger, lol) it's also absolutely adorable.  The huffing and puffing and gesturing.  This is where his imagination is on full power.  There was a period where we had "sticky attacks" which were great because I just got extra snuggles because he'd wrap his arms and legs around me and I'd pretend I couldn't pry him off....the "sticky" came from the wall. (? lol)  Tonight was funny (and I can't laugh at these or he'll quit because he gets very self conscious) he got super powered up by his moustache.  Apparently, it grows instantly and makes him indestructible.  Then he got mutton chops too and it made him indestructibleER and gave him super camouflage (he turned into a pillow).

just imagine that in a little 3 foot tall package ready to run at you knowing you'd catch him

No, I have no idea where he comes up with some of this stuff.  He hears EVERYTHING....except me when I want him to listen.

Oh, I did hear from #1 son too, the Capuchin Monkey (yes, that describes him perfectly.  The video below describes our relationship to a T!  lol *sigh*).  He texted me.  I really didn't expect more.  I'm ok with it because we have a good relationship and I value that over a once a year outpouring of affection (not that I would turn down presents!)....also, it helps that I know if he could do more he would.  He's a darn good kid when it comes down to it.

***he's the monkey (ok, this is a gibbon but, you get the idea) and
I'm a tiger but, most of the time if felt like two (or more) of
him and one of me...again, you get the idea!  lol
He must have been warming me up for the Little Dragon!***

As I was saying it's been quite a week hasn't it?!?  We've been renovating and good progress got undone and the cost skyrocketed because we were given the wrong information by employees of a certain store that supposedly provides "expert" advice.  One of these so-called experts told us that YouTube has lots of information on how to install a heated floor and then tile over it, we should find some and watch them.  Yeah.  Wow.  That was the GOOD advice.  So, we are back to where we were a week ago and somewhere over $700 added onto the final tally.

I've also been quite engrossed in the Fort McMurray wildfires.  I worked up there for nearly five years and have many people that were like family that are (not now of course) still up there working so, it hit very close to home for me.  Seeing all of those places that I'd been on  tv engulfed in flames was a frightening thing on tv.  I just can't imagine being there and don't really want to.  Having said all that, if you've been following and are in a position to help here is the link to the Red Cross Donation page set up for that specific tragedy.  Imagine a city of 80,000 evacuated with no fatalities (save one horrific accident that involved someone fleeing).  Last I heard was there there were over 1600 structures lost.  Many of them homes....one of those may my my Little Dragon's father.  The important thing is that everyone is safe now.

Ok, on to happier things so that I don't get caught up in that energy again.

I am now a certified FairyOlogist!  So exciting!!  I am amazed at the things that have happened in just the short time since I started taking this course.  It really is amazing.  I feel so much more connected to the ebb and flow of life.  I'm loving it!!

Now, for the weekly message....


Nurture Nature

Every being, object, particle that ever did or ever will exist has a purpose that is known to it at the very base of its Knowing.  The best way to help someone/something to reach their greatest potential is to nurture its basic nature.  This part of the message is mostly for people that have or care for children be they two or four legged, furry or walking upright....and lets not forget those that are water bound, four legged and not furry or fly (you get the idea)....lol.  Spend some time watching and learning about them.  What makes them happy, what drives them, what is their passion.  Then help them grow into the people they are supposed to be, meant to be by encouraging strengths, strengthening weaknesses, resolving conflicts and helping to heal hurt feelings.  The young are the most delicate emotionally and should be treated that way in order for them to grow into strong and self assured adults.

The other part of this message is similar at its root but on a different scale.  You are asked to take care of the earth.  Find a way to do this be it collecting garbage while out on a walk, recycling, starting an organization to promote healthy choices....  Whatever you are called to do, if it is something to help healthy, happy, "environmentally friendly" growth then you will be encouraged and supported from all directions in your efforts.  All you need to do is get started.

(this was a Universal Fairy message by the way)


I've made a few changes to what I have to offer.  Please go take a look at the GillyBean's Healing Gems page.  There's quite a bit of new information there.  I have some Testimonials posted now too.  If you've had a reading from me in the past go ahead and comment on that page or email me at GillyBean at GillyBeansGems dot energy with what you would like or are willing to have me post on that page because I'd love the shout out! and I'll get it up there ASAP.

Oh! I have a newsletter too!  Lots of stuff going on!

That's it for now though.  Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, May 08, 2016


To everyone who has done the all important job of a Mom.  Whether it was to a human or not.  Whether it was to your own child or not.  Whether it was to one, none or many.  To all who have the spirit of Mom.  To all those who wish to have the opportunity to be called Mom/Mommy/Mama or otherwise.  Happy Mother's Day from me to you.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Sunday Message - Inertia

Oh dear!  I've been so busy I nearly forgot all about this!!

I was out today and as the Little Dragon says "we went deep in the woods for a picnic and hike" hehehe, we weren't THAT deep.  It's an area (there are quite a few where I am) that you take a few steps into the trees and suddenly civilization is gone.  You can still here it but, you can't see it.  It's nice.  Especially out where we were.  Then I got home and realize that it's Beltane a time when it is said that the veil thins and you can visit with the Fae Folk....which is totally interesting because I HAD TO GET OUT today.  It took forever and the longer it took the more irritated I  got (we have TWO retrograde planets, have you been feeling it too???).  I'm also taking a new course by Doreen Virtue called FairyOlogy.  It is endlessly fascinating.  When I first heard about it my interest was piqued and then I kept getting led back to it and the less I listened to those signs the more I had fairies and fairy type stuff thrown at me until I finally gave in and forked out the money to take and and I'm so happy that I did.  My goodness that Doreen had a lot of knowledge.  She's a great teacher too.  The problem here of course (for me, lol) is that now I'd like to take another one of her courses that she's mentioned in one of the lessons.  I'll let you know if I cave in....it's likely that I will because she's got a discount on right now and since I just looked and realized that I've purchased the most expensive course she's got (on her website at the moment) I will likely do this next one too.  I'd love to know if you've taken any of her courses and what your experiences have been with them.

Anyhow, I must be getting on with this.  I have some more stuff to do and I'm beat from all the fresh air and hiking.



Once you start moving energy around it will keep going so, be careful of what direction and how forcefully you send it.  If you always send out love it will always come back to you.  If you let the negative stuff creep in then it will continue to creep in.  If you have a project that is moving things around; new things in and broken old things out then the energy of that will move throughout your life and clear out to hold in order to move in the new.  It's a some times scary thing so, as always we remind you that we are here to help.  You need only ask.


Well, that was a weird one wasn't it?!?  I kept getting the sense that it is related to something to do with sacred geometry.  Something I've not had a big opportunity to study yet but, am fascinated with.  If anyone has any further insight I'd LOVE to hear it!!

I can't help but shake the feeling that this (at least for me) has to do with the renovations we're doing.  Oh boy is it shaking stuff up!!  Lots of old out, lots coming back in refurbished but it is mixed in with lots of new....and what a lot of work and upheaval!!

I'm off, I'd love to hear how you get through this week.  I'm sure it has some interesting things in store for me!!